Every soul will taste death
كُلُّ نَفْسٍ ذَائِقَةُ الْمَوْتِ

I miss it so so much 

These days, this Ramadhan.. I don’t know what is worser. Muslims killing each other in Syria and Iraq or an outsider - Israel - killing palestinians. Seriously, why Ramadhan? Did they wait until this time? Is this all planned? Did they let happened the chaos in the middle east, so it will work like a domino effect? That’s easier and ”justifiable” right? Because, yeah the middle east it’s used to be the hot fire in the world and nobody (read: media) cares. But everybody must know, if Gaza is defeated, humanity loses. And if humanity loses, the next who will be attacked will be you, despite your ethinicity, religion, nationality etc. Because it’s all about the big plan: the new world order set his first real steps guys.

"Gaza: an open-air prison."


Gumi Lake by To-Fu RocK 
"What would your 7 year old self say if she saw you politely refusing your favorite flavor of ice cream.
(Mint chocolate chip goes best with warm summer nights)
What would she think if she knew you drank coffee black.
(You use to tell your mom it tasted like gasoline)
Skipped breakfast.
(Your dad made pancakes every Sunday morning)
Ran until your lungs couldn’t take in oxygen fast enough.
(No one is chasing you anymore)
Counting every calorie.
(You never liked math)
What would she say if she saw you hating yourself ."

"Oh Palestine, my heart aches for u."

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