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"A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her."

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I want to tell this dream I had yesterday. The reason I’m typing this out on my blog is just because I want ”save” it somewhere, just like taking photographs - although you have ony the image, but still core of the story is in that image. So are words we reproduce. Maybe words are even stronger, and - I believe - have more impact. Okay let’s begin.

The last sunrays of the day were slowly obscuring, a typical eclipse. My younger sister and I were hurrying to catch the train. Ofcourse, I was the one who was blame for being late as usually. My sister is running ahead and calls me to run a bit faster. We finally made it to reach the railway station. But once we were there, we didn’t get in the train, but in a huge ship. The next moment - a typical dream you can in 1sec go from A to Z without knowing how or what happened at the time between - we were at the deck of the ship. It was night and a bit cold. The colour of the sky was navy but so dark it was almost black. The lights in the sky - the shining stars and the candle light of the bright moon - made me feel at a safe place. It was not cold anymore. Someone is saying to me that the ship is sailing to the city of Bosphorus, to Istanbul. It was a trip to Istanbul.. an unforgettable trip. Then I saw people in see cycling on their bikes; they were happy. I felt happiness inside me. I wanted to do that also. 

I love how this dream ended. Hilarious!


cath in the city

This the end of Taksim and the beginning of Istiklal Caddesi. Over there, you see the Holy Trinity (Hagia Triada, Greek Orthodox Church). This place is full of tourists. You know why? This is de zone that is slightly going from Byzantine to Ottoman Empire. When you walk down-town, you will find the Galata Tower. And when you cross the Galata Bridge, you will see Yeni Camii as welll as known Valide Sultan Camii.
I have a special memory to this photo. The building I am is a mosque. You can’t see it from the outside that it is a mosque. We were simply led by the Ezan (Adhaan) and found this little building. It was really cramped in there and from the inside it doesn’t look like a mosque. I am so sorry that I am saying this, but it was the less nicest mosque I have ever saw. What was suprising was the population in the mosque: from all cultures and backgrounds, all languages and lifestyles in the little room for women. The next thing I saw, was unforgettable. I still can imagine it. There were 2 police women with their uniform entering this little room. They were heavily armed. They were big, robust and seemed very vigorous. They covered theirselves and set their place next to an Syrian teenage girl - I guess a refugee. They were all praying. No matter what their status - a refugee - their function - police officer - their background/past/lifestyle etc. We are all the same.
This was beautiful. Then I understood that it does not matter how beautiful the mosque is to draw the attention of people. If the heart is convinced from the beauty of Islam, then outside does not make sense. The scenario I described you can’t see in big mosques. That’s because you does not have an overview, most of the time you see it slightly empty relatively.   

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Names of Volunteers. 
Ceclia, Vushtrri (Kosovo)

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What a lovely cute girl. Albanian Kosvar she is! Had a great time there with those wonderful children..
Cecelia, Vushtrri (Kosovo)

A view in Istanbul
Ortaköy, Besiktas